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beautiful office with custom cabinets

Over the years, our company has been able to grow and expand in order to meet the needs of the community. Given the fact that we are the leading cabinet makers, we are also the storage unit experts. Whether you have a home library, a home office, or if you operate a public library or a commercial office space, you are going to need to have cabinet makers working for you who know what they are doing. Luckily for you, that team that you need to trust is here. We are readily available and eager to start working for you.

Filing Cabinets

An office space needs to be organized and well put together. You are able to turn to our company when you need to have cabinet space for all of the files and documents that you. Have. Running a commercial organization can be difficulty, and organization is of the utmost importance. Our company is going to be able to ensure that the filing cabinets that you get fulfill all of your needs. Also, if you have a home office, it is vital that the filing cabinet there maximize the space that you have. Our company is going to be able to provide you with the results that you want.


Bookshelves are a vital aspect of any library space. Whether it is a public library or the library that you have at your home, you are going to want to hire custom cabinet makers who know what they are doing. Out of all of the cabinetry contractors in Portland, you are going to want to turn to our company. We are going to be able to ensure that there is more than enough space for all of the books that you need to have stored. Not to mention, we can ensure that the work that we do for you is going to be optimally sized enough for every size book that you have. s

Wood Designs

If you have a home library, you understand the importance of having a beautifully crafted space for all of your needs. You will need to trust the leading makers of custom cabinets in Portland, OR., to ensure that the shelving unit and storage spaces are everything that you need. Our team here is going to be able to bring your personal style to the forefront with the custom book shelve and cabinet work that we can do for you. We are going to be able to put in wood designs that are going to be beautifully crafted and match the overall art and design of your home library.

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